What We Do

What We Do

We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas of the city. We work with all homeowners who are interested in selling their house regardless of their situation, the condition, or the size of their house.

We are not realtors. We have access to cash and can buy your house personally which can save you thousands of dollars in fees and realtor commissions.

We talk to and meet with homeowners all over Birmingham to find the best way that we can help.

We will never charge you, ask for money, or ask you to do any repairs before we purchase your house.

We only see profits once we have remodeled and sold the home on the market. In the case that we rent the property out, it may be years before we see a profit.

We are happy to talk with anyone for any reason to find a way that we can help, whether it’s just to learn more about what we do or to set an appointment to meet. Our goal is to make selling a home as quick and easy as possible.

Once we purchase a house, we then use our team of local experts to repair, renovate, and remodel the home. Once we believe the house is in perfect condition, we list the home on the market for a happy family to move in and enjoy.