Meet the Owner

David Baker

In 2010 we discovered a real need for homeowners to be able to sell their homes without having to repair, list, and show their property for months or years before actually being able to sell their home on the market. The housing market crashed in the early 2000’s and many people were stuck with or lost their homes. We knew then that we could offer a service that could potentially help thousands of homeowners in Birmingham.

We founded our company in 2010 and began offering cash to homeowners for their houses that they didn’t have the time, money, or expertise to fix up themselves and sell on the market. Offering cash allows them to sell their unwanted home to us quickly because we do not need to wait for approval from the banks (who were largely responsible for the real estate crash in the first place). We also purchase the house ourselves and allow the homeowner to avoid using a realtor, who will demand fees and commissions from the homeowner at closing. This provides the homeowner with more money for their house in the long run.

We are able to take their burdensome property off their hands and by using our team of professional renovators, help restore it to perfect condition and sell it on the market to a new family. Since 2010 we have been invested in not just houses, but in the neighborhoods and all the people we are fortunate enough to meet.